Benefits And Risks Of Mixing Cannabis And Psychedelics

Psychedelic term is used for substances that change your sensory perception. Psychedelic can produce alternate realities and full-fledged hallucinations or make you see objects in the environment moving and merging. Some popular psychedelics are magic mushrooms, DMT, LSD, and mescaline. They work by activating 5HT2A serotonin receptors found in the outermost, largest brain layer. It is responsible for the proper functioning of imagination, perception, saliency, voluntary physical action, and memory. When psychedelics are used the DMN or default mode network that interconnects the brain area becomes less active. It thus causes ego-dissolution that can trigger life-changing experiences.

People who used both cannabis and psychedelics agree that the former is not specifically psychedelic. It does not induce ego death or produce hallucinations but a high dosage of THC [tetrahydrocannabinol] produces auditory and visual distortion. The cannabinoids from a cannabis plant work with the ECS or endocannabinoid system responsible for homeostasis in the body. ECS is closely connected with the serotonin network and both are deeply involved in regulating sleep, hunger, mood, cognition, etc.

The ECS receptor CB1 is an agonist of THC and 5HT2A is an agonist for psychedelics. These are heteromer complexes that sometimes merge to form super receptors. So, users experience the antidepressant effects and painkilling benefits from using THC or 5HT2A. There is demand among users for CBD products.

On Just CBD Store, you can buy high-quality CBD drops, oil, lotions, and gummies at reasonable rates. The receptors like 5HT2A are believed to induce psychedelic effects but there are others like the 5HT1A serotonin receptors that influence many functions like anxiety, mood, aggression, hunger, etc. CBD structure and the working mechanism is similar to anandamide and it binds well with serotonin receptors. When CBD activates 5HT1A receptors there is a decrease in pain, heartbeat, body temperature, and blood pressure.

Potential benefits of using psychedelics with cannabis

  • The intensity of experience possibly escalates.
  • Possibly reduce paranoia and anxiety.
  • Can lengthen the intense experience duration.
  • May lessen the unfavorable reaction associated with the ego during tough experiences.

Probable risks of using psychedelics with cannabis

  • If doses are high anxiety and paranoia can escalate
  • The experience can be extremely intense and scary

Reasons people use psychedelics with cannabis

  • To lessen worries and dissolve ego-pushback during the psychedelic experience.
  • To relax the landing, when the psychedelic experience starts to come down.
  • To strengthen and intensify the psychedelic experience.
  • To prolong psychedelic effects.
  • To reduce nausea caused by some psychedelics like Peyote or magic mushroom.

Combining psychedelics with cannabis is common but the risk is inherent. Even if the combination offers positive effects like reducing nausea, paranoia, and anxiety, this is not always possible. In reality the effects, you will experience while combining both are entirely unpredictable.

Every person differs and the experience will depend on a variable like used dosage, genetic factor, and timing. Marijuana and hemp also differ even if both belong to the cannabis family. The former offers an intense trip, while the latter is more relaxing. Beginners need to start low on the cannabis and give it time to work before taking more. More can always be added but you can’t take the ‘more already added’ away.