Concerns Regarding Safety of Secondhand Vapor – Why You Don’t Have to Worry About It

CBD oil has grown in phenomenal popularity over the past 3 years. One of the most popular ways to using CBD oil is vaping. It is a convenient and easy way to administer CBD whilst delivering instant effects. After the user inhales CBD vapors, CBD goes into one’s bloodstream in a matter of minutes through the lungs thus resulting in instant effects.

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Secondhand vapor:

Vaping CBD is a safer alternative to smoking but some are worried if the secondhand vapors would pose risks to others. For now, there is no evidence suggesting that secondhand vapors lead to serious health issues.

Difference between secondhand smoke and secondhand vapor:

Secondhand vapor aka aerosal refers to the vapor exhaled into the atmosphere when using a vape pen/ e-cig user. Just like secondhand smoke, second vapor remains in the atmosphere for a while. However, vapor isn’t a product of combustion like smoke. Smoke contains carcinogenic solid particles, volatile gases and several other dangerous byproducts. Secondhand smoke isn’t as harmful as smoke, but prolonged exposure raises health concerns.

Contrarily vapors don’t contain the harmful substances that smoke possesses. It contains certain metals and dangerous chemicals but in limited levels. The number of toxins present in vapor is very minimal when compared to that in smoke making them significantly less harmful than smoke.

Why shouldn’t secondhand vapors be a cause of concern?

  • Secondhand vapor involves just the vapor that the user exhales and there is no constant emission of vapors from the vape device as in with smoking tobacco.
  • Most of the ingredients of the chemical compound inhaled are absorbed by the body and the exhaled vapors contain scarce number of toxicants, which pose less risk to bystanders.
  • ‘Thirdhand’ nicotine which usually lands in furniture/ carpet whilst inhaling. In CBD vapor, there is a minimal amount of residue nicotine that ends up in surfaces and it is less likely for the substance to enter the body of bystanders.
  • Vapor particles are in liquid form (unlike smoke where there are solid particles) does little damage to the indoor air quality.

Studies have also shown that secondhand vapors contain a low magnitude of toxic compounds and pose no significant health concern to bystanders. Though secondhand vapor isn’t yet proven harmful to other, if someone in the family is concerned about it, it is better to take the vape outside. Avoid vaping near people who have respiratory issues or children since the vapor could irritate their airways.

Hence, to be on the safer side avoid vaping near people who are at a high risk. Purchase vaping equipment from reliable CBD manufacturers to ensure you are inhaling CBD oil sourced from organic hemp.