Different Types of Fasteners Used for Different Portions of Boat Building and Repairing

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Boats use a wide range of marine standards and customized fasteners for application on every part of the body. They may be the windscreen fasteners to the deck, hatch, anchor clip, or hard and soft cowl fasteners. Different spots on a boat, experience distinct amount and types of environmental exposure, resistance stress, motion, and impact which means specialized fasteners are designed for different parts.

Different Types of Fasteners

We have gathered the list of all types of fasteners that are used while building or repairing a boat or boating equipment. This detail may help you in future decisions.


  • Wood screws are ideal for connecting two pieces of wood and pulling one piece toward the other.
  • Deck Screws or Self-Tapping Screws have a smaller diameter shank to secure wood, fiberglass, and soft plastics.
  • Self-Tapping/Sheet Metal Screws are coarse rib fasteners that secure Wood, fiberglass, soft plastics, slender soft metals, and a variety of other materials.
  • Set Screws are designed to capture a part with feminine cut or rolled threads.
  • Lag screws or lag bolts larger screws with additional course threads and a hex head.
  • Bugle Head screws are self-tapping screws having a shallower counter-sink head. It can be installed with or without a pilot hole and sink into softwood for a flush finish.
  • Socket Head Cap Screws are machine threaded screws with a small head that accepts a Torx driver or an Allen wrench.


  • Hex head bolt is commonly used for joining parts together.
  • Allen Head Bolts the head is fitted into the socket.
  • Carriage bolts used square counter sunken head that locks the bolt in the surface.
  • U-bolts it is a U-shaped bolt used to wrap one part to another.
  • Eyebolts are single thread with an eye on the top used for holding rings for coolers.
  • Hanger bolts combine the lag bolt with the machine bolt.


  • Blind Rivets are also known as pop rivets use majorly for installation on structures to secure washers and nuts.

Washers, Nuts, and Nails

  • Washers are little, round discs that resemble an annulus. They also act in conjunction with nuts and bolts to provide crucial fastening functions.
  • A nut has an internal thread that is used with a bolt to keep components pieces.
  • Nails are used to fastening wood or plywood. They have excellent holding power which doesn’t allow boats to shatter in water.

Boating is a thrilling sport and a fantastic pastime. However, before embarking on any aquatic excursions, boaters should ensure that they have the proper boating equipment. Several factors must be considered when ensuring the safety of passengers on a boat.

The right sailing instrument will make the difference between a pleasurable and a disastrous boating experience. If you want your boat to run smoothly, you must ensure that all of its components are in perfect working order.