What Is The Average Cost To Move Across The Country?

Moving is stressful, we can all agree. There are many parts of the moving process, from finding a new home to pack and prepare for the move to unpacking and organizing once you have settled in your new location.

This is magnified when you move across the country. Moving costs can quickly mount up. It can be difficult to calculate your long-distance moving expenses accurately.

Moving across the country is expensive on average

You’ll soon notice that there are many potential costs associated with moving.

Movers and moving companies

You can save yourself the stress and strain of moving by hiring a professional moving company that specializes in cross-country moves. Many of these companies employ experts that can pack your belongings, load them in the truck and drive to your destination. Once you have unloaded your items, they will deliver them to your new residence. The additional services you choose, how large your items are and the distance you need to move will all impact the cost of moving companies.

Truck rental

You can also choose to transport your belongings by yourself but you will still need a truck to load everything and transport it. The cost will vary depending on how far you drive and how big the truck is. Packing

Many moving companies offer packing services to help you pack everything. You can also hire a team to pack all your items into boxes for an additional fee.


You don’t want to have to clean up your old place when you are moving to a new one. You may have to pay a fee if your apartment isn’t clean after you leave. Although professional cleaning companies can remove stress from your home, they may charge you several hundred dollars more to move.

Home products

Many people love to make a new start when moving. They decorate their space with new furniture and accessories. You may also need equipment such as a snowblower or a lawnmower if you are moving from one apartment to another. These items can add up to thousands, if not tens of millions of dollars.

Transport by auto

You will also need to transport your truck, car, motorcycle, ATV, or another recreational vehicle to your new residence. Instead of driving Cost to ship car across country, you can hire a cross-border auto transporter to do the job for you.

Shipping your car across the country: Cost considerations

What is the cost of an auto transport?

Type of vehicle: Larger vehicles, which are heavier, will be more costly to ship. Smaller, lighter cars, however, will be cheaper.

Mileage: Car transport companies charge a set rate per mile.

Time of the year: Rates can fluctuate according to seasonal demand and availability.

Origin and destination: The location has a significant impact on the price. For example, cities have more vehicles than rural areas so they will be less expensive for consumers.

Special accommodations: You may need to ship a classic vehicle or one that has a low ground clearance or is lifted. This may increase the shipping cost.

These are some tips that will help you reduce the cost of shipping your vehicle.

Sometimes, paying to have your vehicle moved can be less costly than driving it yourself. You should consider the cost of gas, food, and lodging for the entire trip. This is in addition to the time it will take to drive across the country.