A Complete Guide About Fasteners

Many factors can affect the performance and longevity of fasteners, including their quality, shape, and size. Knowing the functional types of all the available fasteners (including nuts, bolts, washers) is critical to choosing the right supplier and fastener for your project.

Bolts: Types

There are many configurations available to suit different materials or strength requirements. These fasteners vary in terms of thread length, trick flow heads shape and thread specification. There are many combinations of these characteristics that result in bolts that have different functions. They require a drilled hole, complimentary nuts, or tapped mating parts for installation. Different terminology is used for different types of bolts. This can lead to incorrectly being mistakenly confused with screws. Instead of relying on the supplier’s exact name, you should choose your bolts based more on your project specs.

Some Of Our Types Of Bolts Which We Manufacture At National Bolt & Nut Include:

Bolts: The Bolts feature a domed- or countersunk head with a square underside. This prevents any turning post-installation. These bolts can be used in conjunction with wood or masonry.

Flange Bolts: These bolts have an integrated flange, which serves as a washer to evenly distribute the load.

The Plow Bolt Is A Type Of Carriage Bolt: It has a square countersunk top. Others may have a domed shape. These bolts work well in heavy-duty applications, such as industrial machinery.

Hex Head Screws/ Hex Head Cap Screw: Hex heads bolts/hex head caps are a more extensive category of bolts and require installation with a drill. They are available with a wide range of lengths and threading options. Hex Head Screws are the most commonly used Hex Bolt category. They have tighter tolerances.

Square Head Bolts: This head design simplifies tooling gripping which allows for simpler installation.

Types & Nuts

There are many different types and sizes of nuts. You have many choices when it comes to choosing a nut, including the size and threading.

The coupling nuts are long, cylindrical nuts used to join two male threads. This component is used to increase the length of an installation.

Flange Nuts These nuts are similar to flange bolts. They have a round-flanged flange that acts as an exterior washer and allows for a more even load distribution.

The Hex Nuts have a hexagonal shape. These nuts are versatile and require a wrench for installation. We offer a range of hex nuts: semi-finished hex (finished), finished, semi-finished and heavy hex.

The Locknuts: These nuts can be made in a variety of shapes and used to keep other nuts from falling out. Locknuts can be made from All Metal Locknuts. They come with Top and Side locking features as well as Nylon Inserts.

Slotted Nut: This type of slotted nut is designed to form a locking mechanism that can be combined with a safety pin or cotter Pin.

Square Nuts The characteristic of square nuts is their square shape. This head shape increases both the surface area of fasteners and the friction they experience, decreasing the chance of them loosening.

Chrome Wheels: A broad range of nuts are used for automotive wheel applications.

Extra Nut Type The other types of nuts we can custom manufacture are cap, conical, and Keps as well as thumb and wing.