Benefits of choosing an apartment over a hotel

In recent years, travelers from all over the globe have changed their perceptions about where to stay while planning vacations and business trips. Here are some things to keep in mind:

The price:

The first and most obvious benefit is that flats are far less expensive to rent than hotel rooms! With lower prices, you’ll have more money to spend on really seeing the city, and there will be less hidden expenses than at most hotels.

Not only are apartments less expensive, but you are generally paying less for a lot more room.


When it comes to where you want to stay in town, renting an apartment gives you a lot more options. Whereas hotels in a city tend to be clustered in one small region, vacation flats may be found all across town. So, if you’re set on visiting a certain region of the city, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding an apartment there.

Home cooking:

Unlike a hotel, you’ll have your own kitchen to use at mealtimes with an apartment, so whether you simply want a cup of coffee and a bowl of cereal for morning or are organizing a large feast one evening, you’ll have a kitchen available anytime you need it.

Hostels often offer kitchens, but you’d have to share it with 20 other people, which might be inconvenient.

Another advantage of cooking at home is that you will save money. Restaurants in some vacation destinations may be rather costly, so it’s wonderful to have the option of dining in for some of the evenings.

Interacting with locals

During your stay in an apartment hotels in Malta, you are far more likely to meet some fascinating residents. You’re certain to run and meet some locals while waiting for the elevator or crossing paths at the front entrance throughout your stay.

It’s the inhabitants that make a city what it is, so meeting them would be a lot more enjoyable than meeting some tourist with a large map and a bag full of trinkets at the hotel.


The last benefit is that many vacation flats provide convenient facilities that you won’t find in a hotel.

Washing machines, TVs, and ironing boards, which you previously felt were just not supposed to be a part of the vacation experience, are now available and waiting for you in your vacation apartment! And if you’re lucky, your kitchen will feature dark cabinetry.

Private relaxation

Snuggle up on the couch with a movie, read a book on the balcony or people watch via the window overlooking the street below. It’s considerably more peaceful and pleasant to have a complete apartment to yourself throughout your visit rather than just one bedroom.

More office space

If you’re working throughout your stay, you may stretch out on the dining table or relax on the patio. No more working from a little table or, gasp, your bed! With extra room to take breaks away from the screen, you’ll feel more productive as well.