Malta’s Best St Julians And Pavelille Things

St Julian’s was once an idyllic fishing village. Today, it’s a resort very popular with young and old tourists. It boasts one of the island’s only sandy beaches. But it’s also known for being Malta’s party capital. Paceville is where you will find the Maltese party scene. Despite its transformations, St Julian’s is still home to historic buildings and old architecture mixed with modern structures.

Malta is known for its beautiful beaches and stunning countryside, but one of its best-kept secrets is its food. There are many excellent paceville restaurants, beaches, and many more places to visit.

Discover The Most Popular Walks And Beaches In Saint Julian’s

Walk Along The Waterfront

St Julian’s and Sliema are best explored by walking along their promenade. It runs for 7km and passes through Sliema.

There are numerous bars, restaurants, and cafes along the promenade. We took our sweet time on the walk and stopped often to take in the beautiful views of the sea. The atmosphere is calm, with locals walking their dogs and jogging.

As you walk along the path, you’ll notice many historical buildings. Children traveling with their parents should stop at the Independence Gardens. It is one of Sliema’s biggest parks.

St. Julian’s Beaches

St Julian’s coast is rocky and there are many sandy beaches. They are very tiny. Three small bays are located in the city and can be used as beaches.

Saint George’s Bay Beach

Saint George’s Bay (the most famous) is home to the largest number of luxury resorts. The beach is located on Paceville’s north side, making it less peaceful. The beach is near several hotels so it’s a great spot to sunbathe.

Balluta Bay

Spinola Bay takes you to Balluta Bay Beach. Balluta Bay Beach can be found at a smaller point on the promenade. Balluta Bay attracts many tourists during the summer months. The small, dark sandy beach was virtually absent on our visit. They clear it during summer to welcome tourists. The bay area, which was surrounded by the Balluta structures, was gorgeous.

Spinola Bay

Spinola Bay has a much calmer vibe than St George’s Bay. A great spot for a nice afternoon. The waterfront promenade from Sliema to the beach is ideal for walking and enjoying the beautiful view of the ocean. There are many good cafes and restaurants that have outdoor terraces. A few fishing boats of Maltese origin can be seen.

Nightlife In Paceville

Enjoy A Memorable Night

Paceville is the entertainment hub in the region north of St. Julian’s. It is alive with bars, clubs, and hotels for all budgets. Paceville is noisy at night and on weekends.

St Julian’s Tourist Attractions

Visit The Basilica Of Our Lady Of Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel on Balluta Bay is a beautiful church. It is well worth visiting in order to take in the gorgeous interior.

Go Shopping

Bay Street Shopping Center is the largest in Malta. It is located in Paceville and has a mix of international brands and local shops.

Go Diving

A few scuba dive classes are available at St Julian’s. St George’s Bay has some of the best scuba diving spots in Malta.

Relax On The Beaches

You can spend a few hours at the seaside while in St. Julian’s. There are three bays within the city: Spinoza Bay; Balluta Bay; and St George’s Bay. Although they are quite small, these beaches are among the best on the island.